Abraham Frost

Abraham Frost is just an average, ordinary twelve-year-old growing up in Sydney’s western suburbs – until the day he and his father are attacked on their way home from school by a monster straight out of a nightmare. Abe is immediately thrust into a world he never knew existed – a world of ogres and pixies, of centaurs and gnomes, of giants and trolls.

A world of the Fae

Finding that he too is one of the Fae with supernatural abilities of his own, Abe must learn to control these newfound powers, find a place in this broader world, and choose a side in the looming war. At the heart of the struggle, the legendary Cup of Jamshid. What is it, where is it, and why does the shadowy figure called Svarovic want it?

The Cup of Jamshid

The Cup of Jamshid is the first book in an exciting new fantasy series chronicling the adventures of Abe and his friends at Grimm’s School for the Gyfted. Set amongst blue gums, kookaburras and billabongs, it’s an adventure story set in the real world with a fantastical twist.

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Books to come:

  • The Tyrant of Arcadia
  • The Queen of the Dead
  • The Hammer of Thor

The main characters throughout the series are:

  • Abraham ‘Abe’ Frost – Nordic blonde (white hair) boy with ice powers, twelve years old. School uniform is white shirt, green blazer with gold trim and Grimm’s school ‘world tree’ emblem in gold on the breast pocket, black trousers, green and gold striped tie.
  • Jeremiah ‘Jerry’ Grimm – 7ft tall blue-skinned Ogre with curly dark hair, also twelve years old (but huge and muscular). Also wears a school uniform.
  • Caitlin Dé Danann – rainbow-haired (like Chloe Nørgaard) Irish Sidhe, thirteen years old. Given to wearing a confused punk/goth style of dress when not in school uniform, and has modified even her uniform a little (the uniform for girls has a black skirt instead of trousers).
  • Francesca Rossi – raven-haired olde-worlde Italian vampire (curled hair and lace), twelve years old. Wears the uniform as it is meant to be worn.
  • Tuomi Ironfang – Norwegian werewolf, yellow-blonde hair, thirteen years old. Tuomi is that smaller, scrappy kid who always seems to have his socks around his ankles, shirt half-untucked and tie off-centre and narrow end longer than the broad end.

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