About the author

Andrew Old is the author of the Abraham Frost series of children’s contemporary fantasy novels.
An eldest child, he grew up in Sydney’s west in a wonderful family surrounded by laughter, books and games. Moving to the Blue Mountains in his early twenties, Andrew has many happy memories of the Australian bush and of the unique Australian wildlife, and now lives in Canberra with his family.
Andrew has managed a games shop, played and coached American Football, played guitar, bass and drums in a number of bands around Sydney and Canberra (none of which became famous), and has previously written short stories and colour text for a well-known British games company.

About the cup of Jamshid

“Publishing Abraham Frost – The Cup of Jamshid in November 2016. That was the culmination of two years of work (and learning along the way), and another two years of planning the series.

Apart from that, I feel as though a lot of things have clicked into place for me as a writer over the last year. The book’s getting great reviews and I’m a few chapters into writing The Tyrant of Arcadia, which I’ll bring out in September of this year.”

– Andrew Old –